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6.5 miles Market Place

6.5 Light Craft Myanmar Market Place...

9 May 2022

6.5 Light Craft Myanmar Market Place... ===================================== A variety of handmade resin accessories such as handmade resin accessories from Light Craft Myanmar. From (9-5-2022) to (11-5-2022), traditional rattan earrings and handmade embroidery marks will be sold again at 6.5 Market Place. Light Craft Myanmar has held these events and introduced the Light Craft Web Portal to import and sell vendors' items. Vendors who want to work with Light Craft again can contact Page's phone number and ask for details. #lightcraftmyanmar #handmadewebportal


07 : 00 AM to 09 : 00 PM


6.5 miles Market Place

Shop Location

Yangon, Pyay Road, 6.5 miles Marketplace,
1st Floor