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Sakura Tower

Sakura Sunday Market (24.4.2022)

24 Apr 2022

Sakura Sunday Market (24.4.2022) Save memory ❤️❤️❤️ ===================================== On the 24th of the 4th month, at the Sakura Sunday Market, I went to explain about Light Crafts web portal, and the vendor I am currently working with, Story of Light, sold handmade accessories. Light Craft's process is to build a successful Handmade Web Portal by partnering with vendors selling handicrafts. So, as artisans, contact us now to sell your works on Light Craft's Web Portal. 👋👋👋 #lightcraft #sakurasundaymarket


07 : 00 AM to 09 : 00 PM


Sakura Tower

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Yangon, Pyay Road, 6.5 miles Marketplace,
1st Floor